about me:

I’m Chakib Benziane, UNIX systems and network programmer at heart. I have experience spanning SysAdmin/DevOps, IT Architecture, OpSec, and AI technology. I’ve honed my skills in both backend and frontend dev using languages such as Golang, Python and C and recently Rust.

My knowledge of systems/networking architecture and problem solving aptitudes makes me particularly adept at working on the ground floor of projects with small teams where things move fast. Whether it’s designing a network infrastructure from scratch, or designing novel applications with esoteric technologies from the ground up, I’m up for a challenge.

In the recent years I developed a strong interest in AI and Deep learning with a particular focus on LLMs. I have previously completed a nanodegree in deep learning to further my understanding in these areas. I made some modest contributions to projects such as LangChain and PySyft and I plan to further explore this space.

I do also have a good familiarity with Bitcoin’s technology stack and cryptography such as Script, PoW and the network protocol. I believe it will have a positive impact on society.

Interested in my skills benefiting your project ? Let’s talk.

current projects:

- Gosuki: Blazing fast, plugin-free, multi-browser, bookmark manager

- Instrukt: AI Commander TUI: Run and interact with AI agents inside secure environments. w/ LangChain


- My Github:

- Gitea: my self hosted forge.

- HugoBot: Automated content fetch and aggregation bot for Hugo data driven websites

- GUM: A simple Goroutine unit manager for GoLang


- Python & DevOps: Using python and uWSGI for agile deployment. (Mar 4, 2013 )

- Bitcoin multisignatures and its applications: A non technical explanation of Bitcoin multisignatures (Aug 13, 2014 )

- Promises Then Angular: A talk at AngularJS Paris meetup about Promises (Jan 10, 2014 )


- email: contact@blob42.xyz