about me:

Welcome to my webpage! I’m Chakib Benziane, a systems and networking expert with a passion for programming and Unix. My experience spanning SysAdmin/DevOps, IT Architecture, and OpSec, and lately AI Ops, I’ve honed my skills in both frontend and backend development using languages such as Python, Golang and JS (currently getting into Rust).

My experience in background in systems architecture and problem solving makes me particularly adept at working on the ground floor of projects with small teams where things move fast. Whether it’s designing a network infrastructure from scratch or building a new application from the ground up, I’m always up for a challenge.

In addition to my technical skills, I have a strong interest in AI and Deep learning with a particular focus on LLMs, always being mindful of ethical considerations. I have previously completed a nanodegree in deep learning to further my understanding in these areas. I made modest contributions on projects such as PySyft and LangChain and am interested to further explore this space.

With my background in systems architecture and expertise with AI systems, I specialize in developing solutions that merge these two fields.

I do also have a strong interest in Bitcoin technologies and a good familiarity with Bitcoin’s cryptography, Script, PoW and network protocol, and believe it will have a big impact on society.

Interested in my skills benefiting your project ? Let’s chat.

current projects:

- Instrukt: AI Commander TUI: Run and interact with AI agents inside secure environments. w/ LangChain


- My Github:

- Gitea: my self hosted forge.

- HugoBot: Automated content fetch and aggregation bot for Hugo data driven websites

- GUM: A simple Goroutine unit manager for GoLang


- Python & DevOps: Using python and uWSGI for agile deployment. (Mar 4, 2013 )

- Bitcoin multisignatures and its applications: A non technical explanation of Bitcoin multisignatures (Aug 13, 2014 )

- Promises Then Angular: A talk at AngularJS Paris meetup about Promises (Jan 10, 2014 )


- email: contact@blob42.xyz